The Bay of Roses recognized as one of the most beautiful Bays of the World.

The Club of The World’s Most Beautiful Bays accepted the Bay of Roses as a member of the Club and in October 2012 the Bay will collect its diploma in a conference to be held between Greece and Turkey.

Located in Catalonia, in the northeast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Costa Brava, the Bay of Roses opens up between the Cap de Creus peninsula and the Montgrí Massif. It is the principal bay on the coast of Catalonia and is the natural place to access the sea in the region. The opening of the bay is 15 km across, it reaches 18 km to the interior, and has a depth of 7 km.

The towns of Roses, Castelló d’Empúries, Sant Pere Pescador, and L’Escala line the bay. In the 4th century BC, the Greek mathematician Euclid, considered to be the father of geometry, established that the model of beauty corresponded to the ratio 1.618, called the Golden Ratio, or the Divine Proportion. This ratio, which Euclid maintained that he had found in nature, was imitated in Greek architecture (it corresponds geometrically to the Divine Proportion). Years later, in 1967, an investigation by an engineering expert revealed that the profile of the Bay of Roses fit this perfect ratio.

Today the bay offers more than 45 km of beaches, 15 km of coves, and 50 km of navigable canals. The coast is covered in small coves with tranquil, transparent water and cliffs which fit into the most mild coast of the Costa Brava. The beaches in the bay are characterised by shallow waters, making them ideal for families, and by the practice of sailing sports.

The bay is bordered to the north by the Cap de Creus Natural Park, to the south by the Montgrí Natural Park, and in the centre by the Parc Natural dels Aigüamolls de l’Empordà. The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers. The water temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.